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Our pupils are able to achieve their potential if they are given high quality teaching with appropriate levels of support to maximise each pupil's learning skills. For some there will be the need for a significant amount of intervention by experienced therapists to enable pupils to develop their physical or communication skills. Other may need less intensive support but benefit vastly from being involved in a school that celebrates success and continually challenges pupils to achieve more. 

This aspect spreads throughout the school day and beyond. Educational visits, residential experiences, artistic activities and lunch time clubs are all designed to extend each child's range of skills whilst boosting their self-esteem. We know this works as we have evidence of pupils who make sustained progress. This progress is regularly assessed and contributes to the picture of the `whole child'.

A major aim of the school is to ensure that every pupil receives the most appropriate education available. This can lead to pupils spending part of the school week in local mainstream schools. This is always with parental agreement and is designed to ensure that those who can benefit educationally and socially from such inclusion will have every opportunity to do so. Other pupils will be able to successfully transfer into full-time mainstream schooling.