House Points

The House System rewards and recognises positive Behavior for Learning. 

Students are allocated to one of four Houses: Oak, Ash, Elm and Fir. 

The reasons behind the System are:

  • Set generic standards for Behaviour for Learning.

  • A consistent approach to behaviour throughout school

  • Reward student’s positive Behaviour for Learning.

  • Students seeing there are consequences to negative behaviour

  • A healthy sense of competition

  • Bring a sense of community to the school

  • Encourage Positive Relationships. 

House Points can be given out to any student by any member of staff. They can be given out for: 

  • Participation

  • Hard work

  • Effort 

  • Contribution

  • Achieving Targets

  • Being helpful/kind

  • Staying calm

  • Completing Homework

Anything that is deemed worthy of a reward or recognition for a particular behaviour. Staff and Governors, are also allocated to the Houses to support the ideals of the System and again reinforce a sense of belonging and community spirit.

If you are a parent and require a paper copy of any information on this website, please contact the school office.

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