School Development Plan

School Development Plan - 2016/17
School Development Plan - 2017/18

The following has been the school development main areas of focus for development for the school over the last year. The senior leaders have taken a lead to develop these areas through a range of different activities to support progress.


The targets are areas of focus from the Ofsted monitoring visit of May 2016.


Further improve the quality of teaching to ensure that more pupils, including the most able, make rapid progress by making sure:

  • Teachers use their questioning and feedback to challenge pupils to think more deeply about their learning and know what they need to do to improve further

  • Older pupils use their phonics skills to support their reading and writing.


We have supported development of teaching and learning with a rigorous schedule of review, monitoring, feedback to staff and CPD. Teaching staff have been supported to develop their practice with a range of CPD, coaching and visits / observation of outstanding practice.


We have introduced and developed areas of the curriculum and continue to review these through on-going monitoring:

  • Feedback and next steps observed in lessons and in pupil work books.

  • The outdoor learning environment ~ Play equipment sourced and extended.

  • Lunch clubs developed to provide a changing programme termly.

  • External visits and residential opportunities to enrich the curriculum.

  • Developing integrated working practice with medical and other professionals.

  • Reading across Secondary and Post 16 departments through timetabled opportunities, class environments developed to encourage reading, intervention programmes.

  • Careers accredited course for Secondary and Post 16 pupils.

  • English and Maths GCSE for Secondary and Post 16 pupils.

  • ICT functional skills accreditation.

  • Work experience extended at least 2 x 1 week for all pupils at KS5.


Continue to embed and develop newly allocated middle leadership roles to ensure they have a full impact in the ongoing drive for improvement.  

  • Further developed class teacher leadership roles through effective class team working, induction programme for new teachers, and communication of intervention programmes.

  • Literacy and Numeracy Leadership teams –Senior Leadership Team supported teachers building skills of subject leadership including analysis of data and planning and implementation of systems and programmes for improvements.

  • Curriculum subject leaders develop planning for raising standards in their subject across school leading CPD sessions and communicating progress more effectively.

  • Developed Teaching Assistant lead roles of responsibility across school e.g. school council


Further improve outcomes for pupils to ensure consistent progress for all learners.  

  • New report writing system developed in line with changes to the Education Health and Care Plans.

  • CPD alongside IEP monitoring, analysis of data, moderation and target setting holding teachers to account for progress.

  • Development of Pupil Premium to ensure it is meeting needs and closing the gap for target groups.

  • New assessment steering team created to develop and implement a cohesive approach to curriculum planning and assessment of progress across school. This work commenced in January 2018 and teaching staff have started using this system for core subject teaching.

  • New curriculum and assessment system using infomentor tool was introduced by the Assessment lead and steering team.


Further develop extended learning through close working relationships with other stakeholders.

Parents/ Carers

  • Development of communicating pupil progress with parents reviewed and developed through letters, face book, school website, see saw program.

  • Review of parents evening and structured how progress reported.

  • Parent curriculum workshops developed with literacy focus on Read Write Inc and how reading, writing and spelling are taught in school. Ideas for supporting this at home were shared with parents.

  • Monitored parent feedback in questionnaires, and added ideas to the school development plan e.g. improvements in how homework is delivered across school.

  • Homework rationales shared with parents.

  • Homework better communicated with parents.

  • Curriculum planning was shared with parents through the curriculum newsletters alongside guidance for supporting work at home.


Medical staff

  • The Integrated education/ therapy approach reviewed and developed through CPD with therapy staff.

  • Monitoring and review of joint goal setting meetings teachers/ therapists. Targets set to monitor progress.

  • Class projects were completed looking at pupil therapy/ education needs in a holistic way to identify support to the timetable and scheduling of interventions effectively.



  • Links with other schools developed and extended: Whitley Bay High School and Marden High School to develop curriculum for GCSE. Course start Sept 2017– English, Maths, and Art.

  • Working partnership with Benton Dene School on assessment procedures across school.

If you are a parent and require a paper copy of any information on this website, please contact the school office.

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