Assessment Outcomes

Outcomes at Woodlawn


Assessment at Woodlawn school is an on-going process using both formative and summative assessment, with the latter taking place every term (Autumn, Spring and Summer).  From Year 1 to Year 11 pupils are assessed using B Squared.  As a school, we also use Ipsative Assessment. 


Ipsative Assessment is the umbrella term that encompasses evidence of progress and this includes the following, tracked against the four areas of a pupils EHCP every term:


  • The Annual Review process – a child or young person’s EHCP

  • Moderated PLPs

  • B Squared Analysis

  • EYFS profiles

  • Therapy goal setting

  • Data/Progress Meetings and professional opinions from SLT leads

  • Observations

  • Seesaw/tapestry analysis

  • Thrive

  • Additional assessments/reports from therapy

  • Exam results – case studies from where they were to outcomes

  • Teacher professional judgements

  • Deep Dives


This is a measure of an individual’s progress against the needs and goals of them.  It is not a comparison to external standards or performance of peers or larger groups of pupils (i.e. progression guidance – upper, median and lower Quartile targets that we previously used). We can therefore measure/track the progress of the individual by comparing his or her performance, or scores, against his or her own previous performances or scores.  Robust systems are in place to ensure pupils achieve at least their expected standard.


In Key Stage 4 and Post 16 pupils follow various courses from different exam boards allowing for accreditation and achievement to be recognised.  These include:


  • GCSEs – E.g. English Language and Literature, Maths, Science, Computer Science, Art

  • Functional Skills – English, Maths and ICT

  • Asdan - PSD

  • AQA Unit Awards

Student destination percentage who continue in education, training or employment stands at 100% with the following destinations for 2021:


  • Kirkley Hall (level 1 Equestrian services)

  • South Tyneside College (Creative Media)

  • Newcastle College (Level 2 and 3 IT)

Data 2017 - 2021