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Commando Joes

Developing skills beyond the classroom  “No Child Left Behind” 

Commando Joes is a mission based programme which follows inspirational explorers and role models on their journeys across the globe. From overcoming adversity and gender norms to exploring deep space. Whilst building life skills needed to thrive, experience unbelievable journeys all whilst building character. The programme focuses on RESPECT: resilience, empathy, self-awareness, positivity, excellence, communication and team work. Each session a new mission is given and at the end of every mission awards based on RESPECT are given out. There are tailored missions for each key stage and these can be adapted to suit the individual needs of each class.

‘No Child Left Behind’ is our founding ethos. The primary aim of our programmes is to improve the educational outcomes for children and young people.


Parent comment:

 "This programme has been an instrumental piece in the jigsaw of supporting my daughter to understand relationships. To understand that we all have different needs and if we support each other we can all succeed. It has increased her self awareness, awareness of others, her confidence all while increasing her physical activity.

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