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                                                What is Thrive?

Thrive is a whole school approach to support children with their emotional and social development to enable them to engage with learning. Early identification of emotional development needs builds resilience and reduces the risk of mental illness.

Through observations and Thrive online, adults in school are able to select age-appropriate strategies and activities to support children’s emotional development. All children will benefit from the Thrive approach, enhancing emotional and social skills, and improving emotional well-being. Some children may not have had the life experiences required to equip them to regulate their emotions. A sudden life-changing event can lead to a child underachieving because of behaviours that cause a barrier to their learning.


By using Thrive we will

  • Develop a holistic approach to support children and young people’s mental health and wellbeing.

  • Provide early identification and effective support for children who are experiencing emotional, social or behavioural difficulties.

  • Provide an environment for children to safely express and explore strong feelings which are creating barriers to learning.

  • Develop supportive relationships between peers, and between children and adults in school.

  • Support children to regulate and self soothe leading to resilience, academic progress and positive relationships.

  • Provide children with strong foundations that will carry them through into adulthood

We are currently working at embedding THRIVE throughout the whole school offer. The Thrive Approach will  support social and emotional learning, mental health and wellbeing.

We will embed this by working on the five areas detailed below :


Senior leaders support and promote emotional health and wellbeing, and this is embedded throughout policy and practice

Right Time:

Adults working alongside children to embed right time social and emotional development, track and monitor and build in opportunities to develop mental health and wellbeing


Early Identification of needs, for children that require support for social and emotional development, which is tracked and monitored by trained Thrive Practitioner utilising Thrive online to produce targeted action plans.


Relationships underpin policy and practice that reflects the relational stance of Thrive, developing staff skills that are routed in established research in attachment theory, neuroscience and child development


Creating a culture, ethos and environment that promotes safety and connection

All our pupils that have a Thrive plan work within different strands. We look at the progress that they make each year moving through the strands and achieving the goals set out in their plan.

The Free Thrive Parent toolkit loaded with Thrive resources and activities that can be used at home can be found at the following link

For more information about Thrive see the website: or contact any of our Thrive Team in school.

Nichola Aldcroft 

Tracey Ives

Keely Crowther

Karlie Renwick

Angela Chapman

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