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School Council

Woodlawn School Council

Pupil Voice Within schools, pupil involvement in decision making is often referred to as ‘pupil voice’. Pupil voice is about pupils having the opportunity to have a say in decisions in school that affect them. It entails pupils playing an active role in their education and schooling as a result of schools becoming more attentive and responsive, in sustained and routine ways, to pupils’ views (Hargreaves 2004).

 There are a number of different drivers for, and potential benefits from, pupil voice, including:

  • Children’s rights, which recognises that children have rights, including the right to have their opinions taken into account in decisions that concern them

  • Active citizenship, which highlights how pupil voice can contribute to preparation for citizenship by improving pupils’ knowledge and ‘social’ skills and, in doing so, enhance the quality of democracy

  • School improvement, which recognises that consultation with pupils can lead to better school performance, whether in terms of improved behaviour, engagement or attainment among pupils

  • Personalisation, which utilises pupil voice to ensure that schools are meeting the specific needs of their pupils as consumers

At Woodlawn School each class is represented by a student council representative. Each class take part in a system of voting to choose their class representative.

Two teaching Assistants support the running of the student council:

Emma Emmerson ~ Primary Department.

Sharon Penfold ~ Secondary Department

Meetings take place each half term and focus on particular areas of school development e.g Playtime activities and respources

2023 Results of Pupil Survey 

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