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Pupils behave impeccably in classrooms and when moving around the school. In lessons, their level of focus is impressive. They are committed to their learning and want to do their very best. They work well together and show the highest level of respect towards each other and towards members of staff.



Our Primary Department caters for pupils from year 1 to year 6, aged 5-11 years old.  

Mixed age classes offer a highly differentiated curriculum covering all National Curriculum

subjects; English, Maths, Science, Design and Technology, History, Geography, Art and

Design, Music, Physical Education and Computing. 

Reading and phonics are given high priority in our school with daily sessions in the

early years and Primary department. We use the Read Write Inc programme to support our

teaching of these early skills. Children progress through the staged reading books from the

Read Write Ink Program. 

Children are encouraged to take books home to read and share with their parents and carers

to extend their learning.

We have a strong emphasis on ensuring pupils develop their basic skills in English and

Maths and dedicated lessons for functional and social communication which we embed

across the curriculum.

Additional bespoke opportunities to develop skills are available including access to a

hydrotherapy pool, specialist support for social and emotional difficulties, maths and

literacy intervention.

                                       We work as a large multi-disciplinary team including physiotherapists, occupational therapists and speech and                                                    language therapists to ensure pupils achieve the desired outcomes within their Education, Health and Care Plan.

                                       Our pupils learn via 1:1 and small group teaching and learning.  All pupils have Individual Education Plan targets and                                         pupils are assessed by a variety of formative assessment opportunities culminating in our termly, summative B                                                   Squared assessments.

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